Get ready for amazing Zipline Ride experience at the Zion Rivers Edge

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Premier Zion Rivers Edge Zipline Experience!

 - Zipline enthusiasts from around the World will soon be able to experience a World Class Utah Zipline experience like no other, while at the same time also enjoying the amazing lava cliff-top views of Zion's famous West Temple, Smithsonian Butte, and the gorgeous high panoramic views of the lush green Virgin River Valley below.

WHEN WILL THE ZION ZIPLINE BE OPEN? Zion Rivers Edge Zipline will be opening soon in August 2023. We are currently finalizing engineering, testing, and initial construction of the first eight steel and stainless-steel zipline platforms to be erected on the steep lava cliffs and bluffs and the entrance of the Zion National Park and Zion Canyon.

WHERE IS THE ZION RIVERS EDGE ZIP LINE EXPERIENCE? - Zion Zipline is located at 3050 East UT-9, Utah 84779 - only 1 mile southwest of Zion National Park on SR-9, the scenic highway that goes right into the Zion Canyon. The area we are located is in the scenic and green Virgin River Valley and lava bluff just before Rockville.

WHAT IS THE COST OF THE ZIPLINE TOUR? We are currently developing four (4) proposed Zip Lines to start with totaling 3,500 feet. Zip Line tours will start from $85.00 and Helicopter & Zipline tours from $169.00 per person.

IS THE ZIPLINE SAFE? Zion Zipline uses the utilization of multiple zip-line rider safety systems including a patent approved Advanced Pneumatic Air Cushion Trolly Braking System, (ACTBS) that will allow for speeds of up to 70 mph and back to zero with our very own exclusive ultra-safe and reliable progressive air cushion trolly brake shopping system. This new advanced braking system is fully automatic and does not require any operator interaction or power supply of any kind to safety and progressively stop the Zipline trolly.

For more information on the Zion Zip Line experience, go to: http://zionzipline.com/