The Busiest Times of the Year for a Zion Vacation

We know that many of you are planning to come visit Zion National Park this year for the first, fifth, or thirtieth time. Everyone has their own Zion vacation preferences. Some folks love to go to a destination location and just relax and have nothing planned. Others like to have every hour of every day planned out with precision. Whatever kind of vacation you are expecting to have in Springdale, you should definitely take into consideration the fact that some times of the year are going to be busier than others, just like any national park, theme park, beach, etc. So, we have some information to impart to you that you can consider when making your Zion plans.


If you’re going on a trip anywhere, you can pretty much count on holidays to be busier than other days. That’s a given. And at Zion National Park it isn't any different. But for Zion, the busiest ones tend to be Labor Day, the 4th of July, Memorial Day weekend, Easter weekend, and President’s Day weekend. So, remember these holidays when you are choosing your dates and decide if one of these weekends is when you do or do not want to come. Now, it is not a 100% guarantee that it’s going to be packed during these times. It’s possible that you could come on President’s Day weekend, for example, and be surprised with small crowds and lots of room in the shuttle. But historically, there’s a better chance of crowds during these times.


Ah, summer. The season of vacations and creating memories. Luckily for all of us, national parks don’t increase their admission prices just because it’s the busy season. It isn’t any wonder that the summer season is without a doubt the busiest one of the year for Zion National Park. The weather is wonderful, and…well, the weather is wonderful. Isn’t that the main reason so many people go on vacation from May to July? A Zion vacation in the summer surely is beautiful, but you will be dealing with all of the other people who’ve planned to take advantage of Zion in during that time, booking guided tours and everything. This isn’t to say that all of this is necessarily a bad thing. There are a lot of people who prefer to go on trips where they will see a lot of tourists because people watching and what-have-you are part of the whole experience for them. If that’s you, then, by all means, come during the summer! Zion does have the whole shuttle thing figured out pretty well. They expect the park to be busy so they prepare for it. You will still have an amazing experience no matter when you come, but still, summer is the busiest season for sure. But don’t count out spring, fall, and winter. There’s a misconception floating around that Zion is covered in snow during December and January. False! It hardly ever snows in Zion and if it does, which is unlikely, it almost never sticks. Trails are devoid of fellow travelers, the shuttle system is closed so you can drive your car on any of the roads in the park during any time of day, and you will basically have your pick of any hotel in Springdale; just saying. Consider fall and winter during your planning sessions.


Well, there you have it. Hopefully, this information will aid you in your Zion vacation plans. Southern Utah awaits! Zion Helicopters operates year round so regardless of when you decide to come, give us a call and book a guided tour through the air