Daily Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, & Lake Powell Tours

Zion Helicopters offers amazing world class Zion tours where you will be able to fully explore the beautiful canyon country of Southwestern Utah. Some of the world’s most incredible scenery can be found within 10 miles of our private heliport tour facility located right on Highway 9 in Hurricane Utah, Hurricane is the gateway to Zion National park and is also a great departure point for our Bryce Canyon tours and Lake Powell tours. Large parts of this region are set aside as national and state parks, monuments, and protected reserves. All are incredible and scenic, as are many of the populated areas near St. George, UT. Zion National Park is obviously the best known of these locations, but the beauty of the area knows no boundaries! A helicopter aerial flight is the quickest and most spectacular way to see this amazing part of the country.


Lobby hours are 9 AM to 6 PM, with daily flights from 9 AM to sunset. Open seven days a week.
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There may not be a better place to go hiking than Southern Utah. Zion National Park in and of itself is a hiker’s paradise. There are countless trails and backcountry to explore that vary from beginner to expert and everything in between. These, together with differing landscapes including desert, forest, river, and more easily put Zion at or near the top of all prime hiking locations. Zion Helicopters is fortunate to call this area home. Booking an aerial guided tour with us allows you to see the majesty of these natural walkways from a spectacular bird’s eye view.


The Springdale and Zion Canyon area attracts tens of thousands of avid cyclists every year for obvious reasons. The sheer variety of Zion biking trails is absurd: slick rock, paved roads, single track, you name it. Cyclists can also take their pick from an assortment of natural backdrops: mountain, forest, desert, cliffside, and more. If you prefer the smooth surface of a maintained trail or to forge your own through the mountains, Zion biking trails are the place to bring your bike. Ask a Zion Helicopters representative for more information on trails and guided tours.


If you are one who only associates Zion with hiking and scenic drives, think again. Some of the most exciting activities here are Jeep and off-road tours. Customized Jeeps take you deep into the “Zion outback”, exploring back country trails, nearly inaccessible ghost towns, and other remote and exclusive areas that you’ll simply never see otherwise. Zion Helicopters and Zion 360 Tours team up to provide the best of both worlds – air and land – resulting in about as incredible a vacation as you can imagine.


Southern Utah’s Virgin River is one it’s greatest treasures as it played a significant role in carving out the incredible Zion Canyon. It can also play an immediate role in your Zion adventure as the spot for an unforgettable tubing excursion! Multiple adventure outfitters in the area provide high-quality river tubes and related equipment to assist you in creating an amazing family memory. They’ll even drop you off and then pick you up at designated start and finish locations. Guided tours through the leisurely flowing Virgin River will wet anyone’s appetite for relaxed fun!


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