Top 5 Reasons to Visit Zion this Christmas Season

By Zion Helicopters

True Zion enthusiasts know that now is a great time to visit Zion and surrounding areas. There are a multitude of reasons, but we thought we’d share with you our top 5 reasons to visit Zion during the Christmas season.


1) Lodging

There are dozens of wonderful hotels and lodges in and around Zion National Park that serve the community year round. During the winter months hotel prices drop and availability opens up. Looking to stay at one of the best hotels that Zion has to offer? Get the best deals of the year by visiting during the holiday season.


2) Crowds

Anyone who has visited the park in recent years knows that the amount of people can be a bit overwhelming at times. If you’re looking for a more exclusive time to see the beauty that Zion has to offer, during the Christmas season is definitely for you. Skip out on the crowds and visit during the winter months, trust us!

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3) Weather

True, it certainly isn’t 80 degrees and t-shirt weather. But with daily high temperatures in the high-50’s, visiting the park with a light jacket is a wonderful thing. During peak season temperatures can exceed 100 degrees in Springdale and Zion. Take advantage of the beautiful, sunny Southern Utah days and spend a day at the park.


4) Shopping

Discounts on lodging aren’t the only thing you’ll find this time of year. Souvenir stores and stores surrounding the park offer great discounts on apparel and promotional items.


5) Wildlife

The winter temperatures can bring more wildlife down into the canyon that may not be seen during the summer months. Deer, elk, and bighorn sheep all make their way throughout the park during the winter at a greater frequency than during the rest of the year. 

Whether it be discounts on hotels and shopping, or cooler temperatures and more wildlife, visiting Zion throughout the holiday season and into the new year can be an unforgettable experience

Created On 24 Feb 2021

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