The Top Things To Do at Bryce Canyon National Park

By Zion Helicopters

If you’re planning a trip to the stunningly vast Bryce Canyon National Park filled with Red Rocks, Pink Cliffs, and Endless Vistas, then you’re in luck because today we are sharing the best places to see and how to see them at Bryce Canyon!

Top Places to See at Bryce Canyon

  • The Grand Staircase - An immense sequence of colorful rock layers that stretch for 100 miles from Bryce Canyon to the Grand Canyon. You’ll want to see the beautiful layers of pink, white, gray, and red rock of the canyons. This is one of the park’s highest elevations and is worldly unique because it preserves more of Earth’s history than any other place on Earth!
  • Sunset Point and Sunrise Point - Nowhere are the colors of Bryce Canyon's rock better displayed than from Sunset Point. We recommend catching the sunrise and sunset, it is a breathtaking experience you will thoroughly enjoy.
  • Inspiration Point - The viewpoint at Inspiration Point consists of three levels that provide varied spectacular perspectives of the main amphitheater. Inspiration point, pictured here to the right, provides a birds-eye view of the world’s largest collection of rock spires called “hoodoos” found within the Bryce Amphitheater. This is not accessible by foot, but there are lookout points for people.
  • Bryce Point - One of the most scenic vistas of the full amphitheater and all its wonders amaze the visitors! Bryce Point is famous for its extraordinary sunrises. Bryce Point illustrates pieces of the natural history of the area and is the area where Ebenezer Bryce once settled naming Bryce Canyon. 

Best ways to See Bryce Canyon

• Take a Helicopter Ride - If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience while visiting Bryce Canyon, we recommend a helicopter flight with full panoramic views of the entire canyon. This is the best way to ensure getting to see all of the canyons, including the top places to see on your trip like Inspiration Point which is not accessible directly by trails. Descend down onto the ground level of the canyon itself and then coast your way up above miles of the orange, pink and red canyons, beautiful meadows, waterfalls, and more.
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• Hiking - set out by foot on one of the hundreds of designated hiking trails. Go explore Sunrise Point on the easy to moderate Queen’s Garden Trail that descends into a section of hoodoos ruled by the Queen Victoria hoodoo. This is a 3 mile trail and just one example of the types of trails to expect and choose from
on your trip.

Biking - biking is a fun option to take in the vast beauty and cover more ground than you could walk. Look into an electric bike tour! These bikes assist you and you can glide along 13-mile trails and steep hills of the canyon with ease.

• Camping - expert nature skills are strongly recommended for campers. If you are an outdoor enthusiast and enjoy camping, Bryce Canyon is highly sought out for experienced campers. Hike through the backcountry on the Under Rim Trail! Descending from the rim, this 22.9-mile trail meanders through forest and meadows, offering stunning views of rainbow cliffs in the distance. Backcountry camping is permitted only in designated areas so make sure to plan ahead and contact the Bryce Canyon visitor center before your trip. Permits are required for
all overnight stays.

• Automobile Tours - Auto tours are available in parts of Bryce Canyon National Park! We encourage visitors to start their auto tour by driving directly to the very southern end first at Rainbow Point. From Rainbow Point, you can walk to see the Grand Staircase which is made up of the Pink Cliffs, Grey Cliffs, and White Cliffs.

The stunning, out-of-this-world beauty of Bryce Canyon National Park, seen from the main trails and viewpoints in the park is one of many reasons why thousands of visors come to
the National Park every year. Click here to watch a video of Bryce Canyon during a helicopter tour.

Created On 16 Feb 2022

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