3 Things to Remember When Planning a Zion Trip

The New Year is upon us! We know that a lot of you are pulling out pens and paper and jotting down your resolutions for 2017. Perhaps one of your new year’s goals is to get out of the house more and experience more of the world around you. We like that goal! Zion National Park is a great place to spend a vacation for lots of different reasons. We want to help you plan your Zion trip so let us impart to you a few things to remember when you are making your plans to stay near Zion.

The varying seasons allow for varying experiences

If you come in the summer, you will be coming during the time of the year that is the busiest. But you probably already knew that. Honestly, it’s not really that big of a deal because there are enough shuttles, hotels, and restaurants to accommodate everyone, but yes, you may have some wait time during your adventures. We want to remind you that coming to the Park during the winter months and shoulder season - November through February, give or take - can be a great alternative if you are one of those people who don’t want throngs of people all around you and crowded restaurants and hotel hot tubs full of people. We have learned that there a lot of people out there who think that there’s snow all over the ground in Zion during the winter because, well, it’s Utah, right? Wrong! This is just not the case. Every once in a while it will snow, but it almost never sticks. The winter months are much less busy and allow for a crowd-less vacation experience if that’s what you’re after. Keep this in mind when planning your Zion trip.

More than a one night stay is recommended

Let’s be honest. Any vacation that lasts only one day leaves you longing and wishing for more. One day is just never enough no matter where you go on a vacation. A Zion trip is no exception to that rule. Do everything that you can to arrange a multiple nights stay in Zion when planning your trip here. Only one day will be amazing, don’t get me wrong, but the last thing we want is for you to leave feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied. There are so many experiences to be had in Springdale and we want you to get a real taste of what the area has to offer.

High adventure or relaxing in paradise?

The world knows Zion as a place for the outdoor enthusiasts, the hikers, the bikers, the climbers, etc. Don’t forget that Zion is also a place for true relaxation, peace and quiet, and just peaceful unwinding amidst grandiose red cliffs and lush vegetation. If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the everyday grind and want to just get away to somewhere away from it all and reset, this is the place to do that. You don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie to enjoy a Zion trip.


We know that remembering these three bits of information will help you to organize the best and most fulfilling Zion National Park and Springdale vacation possible. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, Zion has something for everyone and anyone seeking virtually any kind of vacation or trip. If you’ve never been here before, boy are you in for a treat! And if you've gone on a Zion trip before, we’ve got seconds and thirds ready and waiting for you! Let Zion National Park be the place you make some of your most cherished memories this new year. We can’t wait to see you!