Zion Golf: It’ll Take a Good Game to Beat This Backdrop

For many people out there, the word vacation is almost synonymous with golf. Seeking out all the golf courses in a new area, these are the folks intent on playing all of them or as many of them as possible during the vacation. If this describes you or someone likely to vacation with you to Springdale and Zion Canyon this year, you are in luck. There are two incredible Zion golf courses that call this area home, and both are guaranteed to satisfy even the most experienced golfer. The Sand Hollow and Sky Mountain Golf Courses are just about as good as it gets.

Sand Hollow Resort

This course is rated #1 in Southern Utah for reasons that become very clear after you play here. 3 total courses on site combine for 27 holes altogether; the Championship Course, the Links Course, and the Wee Course. This Zion golf property is situated against the most incredible scenery you have ever encountered while golfing. Frequent elevation changes, easy bogies, and difficult birdies are just a few of the characteristics that make the Championship Course one of the most sought-after in the state of Utah. The Links Course boasts the largest greens and fairways of any course in Utah. Designed with a vintage mindset, you’ll notice sheep fencing as well as a livestock sighting here and there. This is a phenomenal course that the whole family will enjoy. And the Wee Course is short, sweet, only a Par-3, and the holes only range from 50 to 120 yards. If you are short on time or have the kids, this one will be perfect. Overall, golfing at Sand Hollow is a pure treat and an unforgettable time. Make sure your camera has a lot of available memory because it will probably need it to store all the pictures you’ll take while you’re here. It’s jaw-dropping.

Sky Mountain Golf Course

The 18 holes at Sky Mountain, as far as scenery and surroundings are concerned, are comparable to Sand Hollow. The construction of both of these Zion golf courses took advantage of (lucky for all of us) the breathtaking natural beauty of Southern Utah and it’s unique landscapes and rock formations. When you’re playing here, start paying close attention to what’s around you when you reach the bottom 9 holes – especially the 18th hole. We’ll just leave it at that. Another great aspect of Sky Mountain is its prices. They are a lot lower than you would expect for a course of this caliber. They are extremely competitive in the fee department. There’s also a really good restaurant on site here.


Aside from being superbly crafted courses, one of the main attraction of golf here in the Zion National Park area is the eye candy. Tens of thousands of returning, out-of-state (and out-of-country) golfers travel here every year because it is simply some of the most aesthetically beautiful games of golf that you will ever play – and that is the truth. Also remember that both courses also have top-notch clubhouses and pro shops, respectively, where you can get everything and anything you could possibly need for your game. Visit www.skymountaingolf.com and www.sandhollowresorts.com for further and more detailed information about each one of these stellar Zion golf courses and prepare yourself for incredible golf during your Zion vacation! Also, when you book your guided tour at ZionHelicopters.com, ask about flying over these courses for an incredible top-down view of these properties.

Zion golf

Zion Golf: It’ll Take a Good Game to Beat this Backdrop

Zion Golf

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