Southern Utah Vacation Primer: A List of Activity Recommendations


Planning a Southern Utah vacation? Perhaps you’re at least thinking about it but don’t know exactly where to start or what to expect. This article will provide you with a great list of activities that are available here so you can have an idea of the types of experiences available to visitors and locals alike. This list is certainly not exhaustive but is specifically meant to help you get your trip planning ball rolling.

Hike new trails

If there’s one thing a Southern Utah vacation will have no shortage of, it’s trails. The great outdoors are truly great here. This part of the world is a hiker’s paradise. Trails of all shapes, sizes, and varieties are found here, from traditional, mountainous paths to sandy, desert ones to in-city paved trails. All off these hiking trails vary in difficulty. There are hikes for everyone of every age and at any experience level. Some recommendations: Temple Quarry Trail, Silver Rim Trail, Anasazi Ridge Petroglyphs Trail, Mollies Nipple Trail, Eagle’s Crag Trail.

Venture down an epic hike

There are some fantastic long day hikes in Southern Utah. There are three in particular that are located in Zion National Park that is just superb: East Rim, West Rim, and LaVerkin Creek (alternately known as Kolob Arch). All of these hikes have camping areas as well so if you want to take your time and spread out the epic hike over more than one day you have that option.

Traverse Zion’s underutilized areas

The main canyon of Zion National Park is, of course, spectacular and we’re not trying to diminish the magic of what’s located there. But there are parts of the Park that see much less foot traffic but are no less incredible, likely because they aren’t located in the main canyon. Kolob Canyon, for instance, is only a short distance from the main canyon where you can skip the crowds as well as see scenery that’s different from the Zion “norm.” Taylor Creek Trail, Timber Creek Trail, and Kolob Terrace are in this category as well.

Explore red rock

St. George is famous for its majestic red rock formations. Places like Pioneer Park, Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, and Snow Canyon, for instance, are three Southern Utah vacation spots that yield gorgeous red rock landscapes that you can spend a long time oohing and ahhing over. They are certainly a sight to behold.

Glitter Mountain

You may not have heard of this, but Glitter Mountain allows visitors to literally, with tools, mine their own gypsum samples out of the rock wall and take them home. Your kids will never forget this. Find this spot via the Southern Parkway just over the Arizona border.


Fishing is a fantastic and popular Southern Utah vacation activity. Places you can go include Jackson Flat Reservoir (by Kanab), Navajo Lake, Yankee Meadows Reservoir, Enterprise Reservoir, and Sand Hollow Reservoir. There are also a number of community fisheries in and around St. George where you can fish as well.


We hope this list will get the wheels in your brain turning so that you can successfully plan your next Southern Utah vacation. Visit for additional help on potential plans for your trip, and of course to book an aerial guided tour. Zion Helicopters also teams up with other adventure companies from time to time, such as Rent Utah Toys. So if you are looking for a once in a lifetime UTV experience, check them out.

Southern Utah Vacation Primer: A List of Activity Recommendations

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