5 Best Things To Do In Hurricane, UT


Southern Utah is very fortunate to have many cities within its bounds that are tourist destinations in and of themselves, even aside from their famous neighbor, Zion National Park. Hurricane is one of those. Located between St. George and Springdale (Zion), Hurricane is a subtle but exciting place to spend a vacation and is full of wonderful activities and adventures for all ages. Here are 5 of what we think are the best Hurricane activities.

Water sports on the Sand Hollow Reservoir

The Sand Hollow Reservoir is one of the best spots for fun in Southern Utah. Year round visitors come here for skiing, swimming, boating, paddleboarding, camping, barbecuing, fishing, and more. The sand dunes and red rock formations as a 360-degree backdrop help make this not only a fun place but a special place as well.

Off-roading on the sand dunes

There is more than one ATV/UTV/Jeep adventure tour company located in Hurricane. Booking a tour is a total riot! Get behind the wheel yourself or have the tour guide drive as you cruise across the dunes and backcountry of Southern Utah. Choose a single-rider or multiple-rider vehicle. Of all Hurricane activities, this is got to be one of the absolute best!

Golf at Sand Hollow and Sky Mountain

Both of these golf courses are national recognized and sought after. People travel from all over the North America to golf here. If you consider yourself a golf appreciator, you must come play these courses. They are just incredible. You may take more pictures then swings though, just warning you. The particular places where these courses were constructed are about as beautiful as anything you’ve ever seen.

Live theater at the Hurricane Valley Theatrical Company

For reasons unknown, this item gets left off a lot of Hurricane activities lists which is crying shame. The production caliber of the shows mounted at this theater is very high and the talent assembled is stunningly good. Putting on multiple productions a year, this theater is vastly under-appreciated which is why it makes our list. Also, ticket prices are dirt cheap.

Aerial tours with Zion Helicopters

If you’ve never flown in a helicopter before, make this your first time. The things you’ll see will never be forgotten, and that’s a guarantee. This outfit has multiple tour options ranging from 30-45 minutes to many hours where you’ll see Zion National Park and other surrounding places from a bird’s eye view. A lot of visitors declare this as their most memorable of all Hurricane activities.


Remember that this list is not even close to complete. There are many more activities available in Hurricane, not to mention all of the restaurants as well as a luxury movie theater with VIP seating. It just doesn’t seem fair that Southern Utah has so many incredible cities within such a small geographic area that pack such a large punch. This area really is magical and Hurricane is part of that magic.

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