If You Are Looking For Easy-Access Family Hikes

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If You Are Looking For Some Easy Hikes

Because of Zion National Park’s impressive diversity when it comes to activity choices, there tends to be a large contrast amongst tourists as far as interests are concerned. For example, many people come to conquer the most strenuous hikes Zion has to offer while others come simply to photograph the natural beauty of the area; and others can be found somewhere in between. We know a lot of you out there like to relax while you’re on vacation and would rather not exert too much energy – if it can be avoided – while still getting out and experiencing the area. After all, you’re on vacation, right? And some of you are bringing your family including little ones and hope to find in Zion some outings that consider the safety needs and energy restraints of children. You are in luck. Zion has plenty of hikes like that, and they are all beautiful! Here are five of them to consider when you’ve got very young or elderly folks in your group and you all would like to stay together.

Emerald […]

If You Have A Week

7 Day Vacation Guide

If You Have A Week

If you have a week to spend in Zion National Park, first of all, you should be congratulated on your vacation-planning proficiency and intelligence. There isn’t a better place on Earth to spend a week’s vacation. And second, you should know there is so much to do here that even over the course of an entire week’s time you would still benefit from an itinerary. This is a good problem to have.

Because of the endless amounts of sights to see, hikes to traverse, and activities to explore in Zion, planning things to do for an entire week may seem daunting, especially if your upcoming trip to the Springdale area is your first one ever. Everyone you know is probably saying do this, do that, eat here, stay there. Well, this article, written by experts, is designed to give you a working blueprint of what we consider an ideal 7-day vacation guide. You’ll see we’ve focused on activity and location highlights rather than telling you where to eat for every meal, for example. We’ll let you decide your […]

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