Tours in Zion Canyon

When you come to southern Utah, more often than not its to see and experience the incredible outdoor scenery that surrounds the area. The only first world problem being, there is so much to see that you could spend a lifetime experiencing it all. From the monoliths of Zion Canyon, to the backcountry canyon waterfalls like those found in Kolob Creek, truly there is no end to the beauty of southern Utah. Certainly the crown jewel of the area is Zion National Park, but even then what do you see? And where do you go? At this point you’ll quickly come to the conclusion that you need tours in Zion Canyon, but what tours should you do?

tours in zion

Tours in Zion Canyon – Are There Guides?

One trick to tours in Zion Canyon is understanding that commercial guides are not allowed in the park. Anything from hiking guides to canyoneering guides, none of them can operate in the park (there is one exception I’ll detail below). But what they can give you are bunch of pointers and directions on where to go, and what to do. Many of them have gear that you […]

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