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If You Are Looking For Easy-Access Family Hikes

easy hikes

If You Are Looking For Some Easy Hikes

Because of Zion National Park’s impressive diversity when it comes to activity choices, there tends to be a large contrast amongst tourists as far as interests are concerned. For example, many people come to conquer the most strenuous hikes Zion has to offer while others come simply to photograph the natural beauty of the area; and others can be found somewhere in between. We know a lot of you out there like to relax while you’re on vacation and would rather not exert too much energy – if it can be avoided – while still getting out and experiencing the area. After all, you’re on vacation, right? And some of you are bringing your family including little ones and hope to find in Zion some outings that consider the safety needs and energy restraints of children. You are in luck. Zion has plenty of hikes like that, and they are all beautiful! Here are five of them to consider when you’ve got very young or elderly folks in your group and you all would like to stay together.

Emerald Pools

This one you may have heard of because it’s a year-round favorite for most visitors. With extremely convenient and easy access to the trailhead right near the Visitor’s Center inside the Park (including wheelchair access), Emerald Pools is almost guaranteed to be visited at least once by each and every tourist; and certainly first-time visitors. With three distinct levels – lower, middle, and upper – you and your group can hike according to your preferences and abilities. The trails are filled with streams and waterfalls that all ages will love. The lower is short, sweet, and mostly level the whole way. The middle is a tiny bit more strenuous, and the upper is the most involving of three. The lower and middle are completely fine for kids; the upper probably not. Each section is fantastic, though. Emerald Pools is a Zion mainstay mainly because of how beautiful it is. Don’t pass this one up.

Weeping Rock

This is the shortest trail in our group of recommendations; only about ten minutes. But like Emerald Pools, it’s an oft-visited portion of the Park because of how striking it is. Weeping Rock gets its name from the water that seeps through the rock face causing eye-catching vegetation that crawls down and hangs from the rock. The trail is all paved and has a viewing area at the end with a platform. Without question, this spot is worth ten minutes of your trip. As always, remember to bring your camera. There are some great shots to be had on this trail.

Riverside Walk

Constructed alongside the banks of the Virgin River, this wheelchair-accessible trail is one mile there, one mile back, and gorgeous the whole way. 100% family-friendly, Riverside Walk can easily be enjoyed by people of any age. The whole length of the trail is paved and mostly level. You’ll get incredible views of trees and damp vegetation along the way. You can also head down to the river by taking one of the many little trails that connect the main walkway to the river. Hint: If you go later in the day, you’ll be out of direct sunlight and will have a cool, shaded stroll that is as comfortable as a hike can be.

Northgate Peaks Trail

This gem is found in the Kolob section of the Park as opposed to the Main Canyon section where the majority of visitors go, so choosing this hike will get you away from the crowds and allow you to see a section of the Park that many forget to consider. The drive to this trailhead is amazing in its own right. This is the longest trail of our recommendations at 4 miles total so it will be a good idea to pack along some water and snacks, but the great thing is that it is almost totally level and the viewpoint at the trails end is awesome. Also, there aren’t any exposed sections on this trail so kids are a-okay.

Canyon Overlook Trail

This one is also short and really should only take you about 30 minutes to an hour to get to the viewpoint and back again. It’s also a maintained path, making it simple and easy to travel over. There’s also a good-sized shaded section that will give you a break from the sun, depending on what time of day you’re going. Like many of the hikes in Zion, there is a plaque at the viewpoint that identifies the major landmarks that can be seen from that spot. One thing to remember about this hike, though, is that there are some exposed sections. So consider leaving the little ones at the hotel when choosing this trail.


All of these trails are worth your time – guaranteed – even if you are alone or consider yourself a seasoned hiker. But if you are looking for something on the softer side that doesn’t require a backpack of supplies and a whole day off of work, these are your go-to easy hikes options. Every family member will love these hikes. All of them have very easy access, are predominantly short, and are stunningly beautiful. Enjoy

easy hikes

Zion Helicopters

Easy Hikes

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If You Have A Week

7 Day Vacation Guide

If You Have A Week

If you have a week to spend in Zion National Park, first of all, you should be congratulated on your vacation-planning proficiency and intelligence. There isn’t a better place on Earth to spend a week’s vacation. And second, you should know there is so much to do here that even over the course of an entire week’s time you would still benefit from an itinerary. This is a good problem to have.

Because of the endless amounts of sights to see, hikes to traverse, and activities to explore in Zion, planning things to do for an entire week may seem daunting, especially if your upcoming trip to the Springdale area is your first one ever. Everyone you know is probably saying do this, do that, eat here, stay there. Well, this article, written by experts, is designed to give you a working blueprint of what we consider an ideal 7 day vacation guide. You’ll see we’ve focused on activity and location highlights rather than telling you where to eat for every meal, for example. We’ll let you decide your restaurant and hotel preferences; and trust us, there are no shortages of high-quality lodging or dining options in Springdale – or Southern Utah in general, for that matter. What we would like to recommend in particular are the activities. Whether you’ll be alone, with a partner, or a with group, we are absolutely sure that this 7 day vacation guide will create the perfect trip to Zion National Park, especially if this will be your first time here.

7 Day Vacation Guide

Day One – Emerald Pools & Weeping Rock

You don’t want to drain all of your energy on the first day so we typically recommend starting with something less strenuous for Day 1. Emerald Pools & Weeping Rock are two separate, easy-access paved trails that are perfect for getting your feet wet in Zion. They are both landmark attractions – so to speak – of the Park and have remained two of Zion’s most popular hikes for decades. They are strikingly beautiful, especially because of the way the water enhances the area. Water seeping from the walls and crevices provide for a cool and comfortable stroll while creating lush vegetation all around. Weeping Rock is less than 30 minutes long, but Emerald Pools has lower, middle, and upper levels so depending on how far you want to go, you could hike anywhere from 2 to 4 hours on that one.

Day Two – Angels’ Landing

Alright. On the second day, it’s time to get down to business. Everyone you know I’m sure told you to hike Angel’s Landing, and rightfully so. It is certainly one of Zion’s most iconic and captivating locations and tends to be on most people’s bucket lists. Depending on your proficiency level, this hike can take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. Bring water and snacks and get ready for maybe the most incredible view you’ve ever seen. Your legs will burn, but once you get to the final viewpoint it will all be worth it.

Note- no acrophobic or little ones allowed on this one. It’s strenuous.

Day Three – The Slingshot

After conquering Angel’s Landing the day before, it’s time to do something a little more relaxing but equally exhilarating. Go to the Springdale & Zion Canyon Visitor Center and rent the Polaris Slingshot for at least half a day or longer. This little joyride is a slick-looking, topless, 2-rider vehicle designed to turn heads and burn rubber. Take one of the recommended routes and go all the way through Springdale and beyond, over to Bryce Canyon in Cedar City, back through Kolob, finally returning to Springdale. It’s a thrilling and unforgettable experience and a truly unique way to see Zion and its surrounding areas.

Day Four – Observation Point & Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theatre

This will be another day of hiking followed by a movie in the evening on the big screen; the very big screen. To get to the Observation Point trailhead (another Zion icon), you have to take the Weeping Rock trail (so you’ll get to revisit this familiar area from earlier in the week). This is a somewhat strenuous hike that should take around 4-6 hours and reaps enormous visual rewards. There are some areas that even out and become shady so you’ll get a few breaks from the sun on your journey. After your hike, lean back in your stadium-seating chair and watch one of the incredible films showing at the famous theater.

Day Five – Sand Hollow Golf Course

Considered by many to be the best golf course in Utah – and certainly the best in Southern Utah – you won’t believe your eyes when you play here. You just won’t. The scenery is flat-out unbelievable. Like every else in Zion Canyon, make sure your camera’s ready.

Day Six – The Narrows

And now, the culmination of everything you’ve done so far. The Narrows is a world-famous slot canyon trek that you’ll never forget. There are two different day hikes and one two-day hike involving camping out, but on this itinerary we recommend what’s called the “Bottom-Up” day hike which will allow you wade through (literally) the best the Narrows has to offer. It should take around 6 hours of total time, more or less.

Day Seven – Zion Helicopter & Riverside Walk

Cap off your trip and use your final day to take a ride with Zion Helicopter. From the sky, you’ll see many of the locations that you’ve been to during your adventurous week. It’s a wonderful way to memorialize your entire vacation. Gazing down at one of the most beautiful places on Earth from a low-lying aircraft is beyond words. And then, finally, mozy down Riverside Walk which is an easy, relaxing, but absolutely gorgeous hike with almost no uphill motion.


This concludes our 7 day vacation guide. Perfect vacation. Check.

7 Day Vacation Guide

Zion Helicopters

7 Day Vacation Guide

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Autumn in Zion

Fall is approaching and quickly! Meaning colors from leaves changing and sights unlike any other! Only one tiny problem though… Autumn in St. George is… Well.. It doesn’t seem to really exist. It can be quite difficult to capture the beauty of the changing autumn leaves while visiting the area, which for some is a nice and interesting change from the usual, but for locals and people who really enjoy the beauty of autumn it can be kind of disappointing.

fall in zion

Fall Colors in Zion National Park

No worries though! Luckily St. George is located near one of the most stunning places in the world year round, Zion National Park, and Springdale. They offer some of the most captivating fall colors. Taking a walk through the already colorful town of Springdale and seeing the fall colors mixed with the atmosphere is one of the best feelings and such a fun experience.

If you’re wanting to get a really good view of the fall colors of Zion, then you will need to check take a hike up Observation Point or Angels Landing! They offer some of the most stunning views of the the entire park and are surrounded with cottonwoods and aspens, it’s like hiking through a golden forest!

Angels Landing will offer a view unlike others, almost the entire hike you will get some amazing panoramic scenes of the park that will take your breath away. Observation Point is located in the most perfect spot for probably the best view of the canyon that you can get. With a perfect view straight down the canyon and all the colors, you may need watch your step as you get consumed by the beauty.

Autumn in Zion From the Air

But we all know one of the best ways to take in autumn in Zion is from the air. We can take you on a ride to see views and colors unlike anything you’ve ever seen before while walking on the ground. We’ll give you a birds eye visual of the entire park and all those pretty colors. It’s like looking down from above at a huge oil painting! Absolutely stunning.

So whether you’re just visiting Zion for the fall colors, or a local looking to get away, you’ve got options and beauty to see in Zion this fall; you just have to get out and explore!

Guided Tours Zion

Zion is such a fantastic place to visit whether you are trying to just go for a short stroll or a rigorous hike, this place has it all! Guided tours Zion is one of the best ways to see the most important aspects of the park. Guided tours are led by knowledgeable and friendly guides who understand the intricacies of the park. There are so many commercial tours to choose from as well! Rock climbing tours, canyoneering, hiking, jeep tours, etc. Guided tours are great for families since they offer family vacation tours. Take on the adventure in Zion without the hassle of planning, gearing, logistics, etc.

All of the pictures here are of our exclusive Blue Light Mesa-Butte landing tour, which as you can see, offer you a one-of-a-kind Zion experience.

guided tours zion

Guided Tours Zion – Why Take Them

So why take a Zion guided tour? Yes, it relieves you of the hassle of planning and gearing up, but what other reasons would you want to go on a guided tour? When it comes to exploring there is so much that could go wrong, and without proper knowledge, everyone’s safety is at risk. That is one reason why a guided tours for canyoneering and climbing can be your best choice.

When we think about it though, these tours give you an opportunity to experience an adventure through Zion that is beyond what you would be able to experience on your own accord. Exploration is the core of the history of National Parks, we wouldn’t have them today without it. Most people these days are so domesticated that getting outdoors is almost too scary. So thankfully guides are what helps these people exit their comfort zone and learn to love the adventure of exploring.


Guided Tours in Zion Benefits

Knowledge is another benefit of taking a guided tours Zion. You learn not only how to go canyoning, or learn climbing skills, but you learn about your surroundings, the history of the park and more. Allow yourself to absorb all the information that the guide has about the park so that when you return you will be capable of an exploration all on your own.

Exploration and adventure is a part of human nature, that little pull we feel at our core when we are in unknown territory is our instincts telling us to explore, and conquer! Guided tours are the perfect way to get your fill of adventure, all under the supervision of a trained professional. Rewarding feelings are bound to overcome you as you reach your destination. This is truly an experience for the books.

Additional Guided Tours in Zion Options

Not much of a hiker or climber at all? That’s fine! That is what the ATV, horseback, and helicopter rides are for! Many people have exclaimed that nothing quite beats the feeling of flying about the park and getting a bird’s eye view of Zion. We don’t blame them either! Because there really is nothing like it. Obviously being inside the park is captivating, but the views are absolutely outstanding from above.

The helicopter tours are absolutely captivating, breathtaking, and invigorating. Definitely, a memory that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Just being able to fly in a helicopter over the park and capture memories with loved ones that are beyond what you would experience on the ground is what we strive for.

Learn more about our Zion guided tours here

Zion National Park Named Utah’s ‘best’ Attraction by KSL

After a long few weeks of voting, and 64 nominations later, Zion National Park finally took first place and beat Bryce Canyon National Park in the competition for Utah’s ‘best’ attraction. Which isn’t too surprising, seeing as last Memorial Day Weekend over 71,000 visitors went to Zion as the park is packed with stunning hikes and captivating views from just about every angle possible. Zion National Park is bar none one of the most beautiful places to visit here in Utah.

zion utahs best attraction

What Pushed Zion Over The Edge

Visiting Southern Utah is an experience in itself, but visiting Zion is definitely something you will not regret. Surely one of the many reasons Zion made the top choice was due to one of its most popular hikes being Angels Landing. This is a rigorous hike that takes most about 4-5 hours to complete. The hike takes you to the top of Angel’s Landing where you will get one of the most beautiful views of Zion Canyon possible. So although the hike can be difficult, it is definitely worth it.

Anyone who has been to Zion will probably agree that another hike that helped Zion win has to be The Narrows. Another slightly more challenging hike, but very rewarding. This hike takes you through a steep canyon in ankle to knee deep chilly waters. With contrasting greenery hanging from the black and red canyon walls that seem to breathe slowly in and out as you make your way through to the end of the hike. This is hike is as long as you make it (up to 16 miles); so depending on whom you’re hiking with (kids or not) this can be a very long strenuous hike or a short and easy one.

Another Reason Zion’s the Top Attraction

Yet another reason to love Zion, and why it took first place is due to the amazing views this place has to offer. From almost every angle in the park you will get a stunning view of mountains, canyons, greenery and so much more. Many people choose to take a drive from one end of the park to the other just to experience the scenic park from the viewpoints. Not only can they catch a glimpse of the park from all different angles, but they can enjoy shorter and more simpler hikes from almost all of the viewpoints. Making Zion one of the coolest and most fun short road trips.

There is so much more to Zion than just the views and hikes though. The culture there is one of its own as well. With Springdale, Ut being just 4 minutes away. Springdale offers a variety of tasty eats, as well as unique shopping opportunities. Springdale is known as “the Gateway to Zion” since it is the last town right before Zion National Park from the south end. This little town is so much fun and there are events constantly going on to keep the culture there alive and strong. The food in Springdale is by far some of the best around!

We really are not too surprised that Zion National Park surpassed all the other attractions here in Utah, and we feel very honored and lucky to be able to say Zion Canyon is right in our backyard here in Southern Utah.

Check out this link for more information on the competition for Utah’s ‘Best’ Attraction.


5 Fun Things To Do In Spring in St George

Southern Utah is such a great place to live or visit. There are a plethora of fun activities to do here, and the perfect time to visit is during the Spring, when the weather is just right. Spring time in Southern Utah is one of the best times of the year to get active, considering that it’s not too cold, and the sun isn’t blazing hot. Although, since it is the desert, there is only about a month or two of sweet 70 degree weather before the summer heat is on and temperatures can sky rocket to over 100 degrees. So if you are planning a trip to Southern Utah in the spring, here are five things that you will definitely want to do while you are here!

Photo Credit: Scott Costello on flickr

Spring Things To Do In St George

1 – Hiking in St George

This time of year is perfect for hiking, especially with the weather keeping it sunny but on the cooler side. There are so many beautiful places to hike at in Southern Utah, from Zion National Park, Snow Canyon State Park to Bryce Canyon National Park. Even hiking around the open desert, you’ll be sure to captivate the beauty that Southern Utah has to offer without breaking a sweat from the dreadful heat!

2 – Mountain Biking

The summer months here can be pretty brutal heat-wise. That can make it a little difficult to do certain activities like mountain biking. Considering how much physical exertion goes into riding a bike up a mountain, spring will be your best bet to get in a good ride, as well as stay cooler.

3 – Spring Golfing in St George

Southern Utah has some of the most magnificent and fun golf courses in Utah. This time of year brings serious golfers from all around to test the greens here. Especially since Southern Utah is one of the first places to start warming up, which makes this the perfect place to come for a weekend golf getaway!

4 – Horseback Riding

The cooler weather in the spring means that you and the horses won’t overheat from trail riding and exploring the backcountry of this stunning desert. The horses will be more than willing and last alot longer out there without the sun blazing down on them.

5 – Paddle Boarding Quail Lake

This last activity is something that not too many people know about. A few weeks ago I had a friend of mine take me paddle boarding at Quail Lake. What a magical experience this was for me! On the northwest side of Quail where the river feeds from the canyon, you can find a fairytale like oasis, from there you can paddle board back into the canyon pretty far. Only catch is, you have to go during the spring at the perfect time just before the water level starts to drop. This isn’t a guarantee, and some years the water may not be high enough, but rest assured that if you do happen to catch it at the perfect time one year, it is an experience you will not forget. If you’re looking for additional information about the best things to do in St George, click here.

Things to do in Zion National Park

For those who have been here, the question of what are the best things to do in Zion National Park quickly becomes a debate for the ages. As that is what makes Zion so appealing to so many, there are a myriad of options and things to do while here, and it all depends on what you would like to do.

Clearly the hiking in Zion is world class, but there are different kinds of hiking. Do you want leisurely strolls through mammoth rock mountains with cascading waterfalls? Or do you want backpacking through the vast backcountry of Zion? Or are you a little more adventurous and willing to do some canyoneering through some of the best canyons you can do anywhere in the world? The options are unlimited; whichever way you choose you win.

things to do in zion national park

Shopping and Dining in Zion Canyon

It goes beyond just hiking, as there is fantastic shopping, and restaurants in Zion that are sure to satisfy even the most ardent critic. Some of our favorite spots to grab a bite to eat are definitely Oscars Cafe, with their fantastic burgers, and Mexican food. If you’re looking for pizza you’ve got two main options, Zion Pizza & Noodle Company and Flying Monkey Wood Fire pizza. Both of which make for a memorable experience in Zion. Especially the porch at Zion Pizza & Noodle Company, that overlooks the main drive through Springdale and has a great view of the surrounding mountains. If it’s steaks you’re after then the Switchback Grill is your spot, you won’t be disappointed.

As far as the shopping goes when looking for things to do in Zion, you have a lot of options, but it’s more specialized. You aren’t going to find a Nordstrom, or a Dillard’s here, but you will find beautiful art galleries, and unique southwest gifts and décor. All of the shopping is right along the main drive of Springdale so you can’t miss it, and it’s always fun to just take a stroll down the main drive walking from store to store.

things to do zion

Our Favorite Things to do in Zion Canyon

In truth we’ll tell you a couple of our favorite things to do in Zion. This “perfect day” in Zion may come as a bit of surprise, but we love to go biking in Zion. There’s a great paved trail with bridges that cross back and forth over the Virgin River a number of times. You can jump on the bus, be taken right to the top of the narrows and the ride down through the paths. If you’re looking for additional ideas then take a look at our St George things to do page.

Utah Aerial Photography Trips in Utah

Aerial photography is quickly becoming an important aspect of marketing, both online and offline. As well as a fun way for people to capture personal photographs and videos to share with their friends and families. With the rise of inexpensive drones it’s quickly becoming the norm, and in fact is expected to have some sort of aerial photography of a business, or an aspect of your business. But there are a lot of things that a drone simply cannot do as effectively as a helicopter or even an airplane can. So when looking for Utah aerial photography trips either for personal or commercial use, look no further than Zion Helicopters to help you get what you need.

Utah Aerial Photography Trips

Airplanes Vs Helicopter for Aerial Photography Trips?

Airplanes can certainly get you the elevation that you need to get real professional aerial images, but they have some limitations. Avoiding the wing or strut is first and foremost if you get that perfect shot but have to crop out 1/3 of it to avoid the wing, you don’t have the image you really want.

But using a helicopter for your aerial photography trips you can fly with the door removed, which gives you absolute freedom to get the shots that you want. No trying to shoot out of the window, no shooting while trying to keep the wing out of the picture. As well airplanes can’t fly anywhere underneath 500’ from a residential area, whereas helicopters can be flown as low as you need, and are able to slow down or even hover mid-air, which allows you to catch those perfect images in ways an airplane and drone just can’t.

aerial photography trips in utahBest Utah Aerial Photography Trips

Now that you understand the benefits of using a helicopter to help you catch those once in a lifetime images, you’ll quickly wonder “what are the best Utah aerial photography trips?”. Clearly, we’re biased in saying so, but if it’s incredible scenery that you’re after, there are few places that can match southern Utah.

From the towers of Zion to the dramatic landscapes of Bryce Canyon. To the water filled pools in Snow Canyon, to the immense Pine Valley mountains in the distance; there truly is so much to photograph here. We’re constantly amazed at the videos and images that people are able to bring home when using Utah’s best aerial photography company, Zion Helicopters. We have the experience you need, and the foreknowledge as to where to go, and at what time to get that image or video that will take people’s breath away.

Learn more about our aerial photography trips here.

Tours in Zion Canyon

When you come to southern Utah, more often than not its to see and experience the incredible outdoor scenery that surrounds the area. The only first world problem being, there is so much to see that you could spend a lifetime experiencing it all. From the monoliths of Zion Canyon, to the backcountry canyon waterfalls like those found in Kolob Creek, truly there is no end to the beauty of southern Utah. Certainly the crown jewel of the area is Zion National Park, but even then what do you see? And where do you go? At this point you’ll quickly come to the conclusion that you need tours in Zion Canyon, but what tours should you do?

tours in zion

Tours in Zion Canyon – Are There Guides?

One trick to tours in Zion Canyon is understanding that commercial guides are not allowed in the park. Anything from hiking guides to canyoneering guides, none of them can operate in the park (there is one exception I’ll detail below). But what they can give you are bunch of pointers and directions on where to go, and what to do. Many of them have gear that you can rent for your excursions into the park.

After understanding this aspect of Zion, what options do you have? Or what do the many tour guides in Zion do? The same thing we do, we operate just outside of the park. When you come to us to take a tour in Zion from our helicopter, we unfortunately can’t go inside the park boundaries, but we definitely skirt the outside of it! Which actually gives you a better view of the canyon than if you were just flying over it.

What Options Do You Have For Tours in Zion?

That way you can still get a top tier tour of Zion National Park, without breaking any of the rules the National Park Service has put into place. Our tours of Zion Canyon give you breathtaking views of places like Kolob Canyon (a second part of Zion), Snow Canyon State park, and a place called Canaan mountain. There are simply incredible things to see when flying over them.

So when trying to decide which tours of Zion National Park you want to do, understand than no one except the canyon horseback rides are allowed inside of the park. The horseback rides are the only ones that have permission to be actually inside the park boundaries, but they have a different route they take, you can’t for example take a horse ride up to Emerald Pools.

That is the quick low down for how the park operates in regards to tours within its boundaries. But don’t let this stop you from booking tours in Zion like our helicopter tours, many of these tours give you views and vast vistas of the park, you’re just outside of their boundaries a bit. Places like Smith Mesa and Gooseberry Mesa are prime examples of places people are allowed to guide in, but give you amazing views of the canyon. And that’s it, that’s the low down in regards to tours in the park. If you have any questions or comments feel free to get in touch with us.

Fun Things to do While in St George

When you’re coming to visit St George, Zion, or any other southern Utah town you’ll quickly ask the question, what are some fun things to do while in St George? Well luckily we have you covered, as there are things all around you, with every variety available as well. Here are a few of our favorites.

tuacahn utah

Show at Tuacahn

If you haven’t heard of Tuacahn then be prepared to be amazed. It is one of the premier outdoor venues for live theatre, concerts, festivals and more. The shows that they bring in are top notch, and in fact it is one of Disney’s favorite places to put their newest shows. Right now they’re featuring Beauty and the Beast, and When You Wish, both of which are tremendous shows.

The setting in front of the red rocks is one that makes Tuacahn so unique, as not only are the shows amazing but the setting is so stunning. So if it’s a concert or a show you’re after then head over to Tuacahn, you won’t be disappointed.


Sand Hollow State Park

If it’s the lake you’re after then there are few lakes we love as much as Sand Hollow (and not just because it’s 5 minutes from us!). Sand Hollow features not only a body of water to go wakeboarding, skiing, fishing, and cliff jumping at; but also has an adjacent sand dune area for your ATV’s, side-by-sides, and RV’s. So it really is the whole package.

The sandy beach along it’s shores are the best beaches you’ll find anywhere in southern Utah (excluding Lake Powell to the east of course). So those are the reasons you can’t go wrong visiting Sand Hollow when you’re looking for the fun things to do in St George.

zion canyon

Zion Canyon

It would be hard for us to skip over one of the premier attractions in all of southern Utah, Zion National Park. Not just because we fly there, but because the canyon offers some of the most unique beauty you can find anywhere. From meandering streams, to waterfalls, and massive rock monoliths, Zion truly is one of the prettiest places on earth.

Our favorite hikes are Angels Landing, and the Narrows. Angels Landing is a bit arduous but gives you incredible views down the canyon. The Narrows give you a feeling of awe as you stand below the massive sand-stone walls in places like Wall Street (a famous section of the Narrows).

And once you get done hiking don’t forget to grab a bite to eat at our two favorite restaurants in Springdale, Oscars, and Zion Pizza and Noodle Company. You can’t go wrong with either of them.


Local Event’s and Happenings in Down Town St George

The City of St George goes to great lengths to provide events, and activities that are top notch. Events such as the movie in the park, George Street Fest, and the Easter art show in the town square. The town square just off of main street is often where these events are held, so check in with them often because they really do a fantastic job of promoting and offering great events.

cliffside deck

Honorable Mentions:

Having dinner at Cliffside, which offers some of the best views of St George is quite high on our things you must do while in St George list.

Pies, and pot pies from Veyo. Just north of St George there’s a little place that makes the best pies, and pot pies you can find anywhere.

Mountain biking trails in Green Valley and Santa Clara. These trails are not only fun and exciting, but offer great views west into the Red Mountains of Snow Canyon State Park.

And that’s it, those are the some of the best things to do in St George. As always make certain you add a helicopter tour to your list, just to round off a fantastic weekend.